The Department is a dynamic, interactive research community situated in one of the world's best environments for biomedical research. Our Department is home to about 60 graduate students and 80 postdoctoral fellows who pursue innovative research projects at the leading edge of Developmental Biology.   The achievements of our students and fellows have been recognized by many honors and awards, and many Stanford Developmental Biology alumni have become leaders in biomedical research, teaching, and medicine.

Graduate Studies - Our faculty are dedicated to training new leaders on the fundamental problems of development in a wide group of organisms. The Department of Developmental Biology leads graduate and medical school courses in Developmental Biology and provides a focal point for communication and collaboration among scientists throughout the University.

PhD Program - The Ph.D. thesis and oral examination are expected to be completed, on average five and one-half years from the date of entrance into the graduate program. Our graduate program facilitates communication with leading faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in an intense learning and research environment.

Courses - Developmental Biology courses are listed in the School Catalog.

Admissions - Developmental Biology admissions are explained on the Graduate Studies in the Biosciences site.

Seminars - Developmental Biology hosts a series of academic seminars.

Handbook - Guidance for scholars in Developmental Biology.

Undergraduate Research - Undergraduate students interested in carrying out Academic Year or Summer research projects in the Department are encouraged to contact faculty they are interested in working with directly.

Undergraduates interested in opportunities for summer research may be interested in the Stanford Seminar Research Program (SSRP) or in the Developmental Biology Undergraduate Fellows program (sponsored by the Office of the VPUE).  For more information please contact Dr. Alistair Boettiger or Mimi Qian.

Medical Student Research - Stanford medical students interested in pursuing research while undertaking the Scholarly Concentration in the Molecular Basis of Medicine should contact Dr. James Spudich (Director) and the faculty they are interested in working with directly.

Postdoctoral Research - Postdoctoral fellows interested in research in the Department of Developmental Biology should contact faculty they are interested in working with directly. For further information contact Mimi Qian and see the postdocs website.