Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Developmental Biology Conference Room Policies for the Beckman Center, 3rd Floor: Rooms B302, B381, and B383

  1. For the Department of Developmental Biology room reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. All other departments may request a room up to two weeks in advance for a maximum of 4 hours.
  2. Please note: Adapters for laptops will no longer be provided by Developmental Biology for outside departments.
  3. Reservation requests should include the following information: date needed, time and duration, number of attendees, type of event, i.e. “Smith Lab Meeting”, a contact name, phone number and email address.
  4. Food and beverages may be brought in but any leftovers, including meal containers, garbage etc. must   be removed and disposed of properly. 
  5. Whether or not tables and/or chairs are removed or added, all rooms should be returned to the original configuration!
  6. For conference room B302 please note:
    1. If the stacked plastic chairs located against the back wall are used, they must be re-stacked and not left strewn about the room.
    2. Please do not change any of the video settings on the iMac without asking.  Please do not touch the video cables!
    3. The screen is controlled by the remote in the room.  To change between the iMac and a laptop select the “input” button on the remote, then choose “Lectern” for laptop.
  7. The coffee machine, located in the lobby is for the use of members and guests of the Department of Developmental Biology, not for meeting and class/course attendees. 

Should you find you no longer need the room, please cancel as soon as possible!


Conference Room B302


Conference Room B381

Conference Room B383